We are a different club, and here's why...

Clarissa Clarke, co-director and owner, started Nor’easter Lacrosse with Laura Field in 2005. Since it’s inception, it has become one of the most highly sought after lacrosse clubs in Connecticut. Clarke and Field have tremendous connections in the lacrosse community and are able to provide consistent high quality coaches for all of their teams throughout the year. They have built a lacrosse club that is becoming one of the most widely respected both among parents and players in Connecticut, college coaches, and the larger lacrosse community.

" I still believe what you guys do is priceless. The self-confidence that you instill in hundreds of girls is remarkable. I can see the difference in girls just from Branford Lacrosse to Nor'easter Lacrosse; especially in my girls, so thank you. "


Every team at every level is coached by at least one college coach and assisted by current college players. Our high school coaches are simply the best in the state, year in and year out. Why is this important?

These coaches are consistent throughout the year and they know how to coach the game of lacrosse to prepare our players for the next level. We love our parents, but our coaching ranks are for professional coaches alone. They are able to guide and shape our players for the intricacies of the college game even if you are a middle school player. The scope of their knowledge is invaluable. They are not guest coaches. They are Nor’easter coaches.

" First, I wanted to thank you and everyone at Nor'easter Lacrosse for all you have done for Maddy. The coaching was fantastic at all levels; she got to play with a great group of very talented girls, and most importantly from my perspective, playing on Nor'easter did wonders in raising her confidence level. You convinced her that she could play at the next level, and thanks to you, it looks like she will have that opportunity. The amount of help and guidance you provided with recruiting — and being such a great advocate for her to the various college coaches —  was unbelievable. You run a first-class program, and we are very thankful that we got hooked up with Nor'easter! "


Our program exists to teach the game of lacrosse to every player, no matter her starting point.  While we believe that tournaments offer us the ability to test our skills against other teams, practices will always remain a focus of Nor’easter Lacrosse. What does this mean?

This means that you will have at least 20 scheduled practices throughout the year. These are not huge clinics with guest coaches, these are practices run at an elite level that will drill the proper skills and teach our players how to play at a college level. Your daughter's coach will be coaching your daughter every practice and get to know her talents and her weakness and help turn those weaknesses into strengths. The advantage of our college and elite high school coaches is that they are able to adapt the game to every level of skill while also laying the groundwork of skills that will be needed as our players advance. In addition to practices, we do host College Coaches Clinics indoors during the winter for our high school players, just another connection and learning opportunity for our players.


We can’t say it again, and we’re not bragging… Our coaches bring with them a resource that you cannot replicate in college lacrosse and that resource is their connections. As the only club in Connecticut to employ full time coaches from at least 7 Division I and III programs, when it comes time to ask questions about the college process, the coach that you see every practice is your best networking tool. In addition, the presence of long time and quality high school coaches from all over the state allows the middle school player to have a resource when it comes to the high school game. Our coaches’ connections to the college and high school game for recruiting and guidance are invaluable.