First, we want to thank all the parents who have helped us with tailgates, tournaments and the added munchies at games. You have all been more generous than we could have ever hoped for!  It would be a disservice to those that have so generously helped us thus far to put out any plea for help, but as we have been fielding many questions about how parents can participate in Nor’easter, we have decided to present a list of needs and contacts that we are constantly looking for:

Printing:  This can range from the printing of our media guides come tournament time to holiday cards, etc.

Photos:   We would love it if you would share any Nor’easter photos with us. Please email your photos (in a folder or album / not individually sent) to

Screen printing:  We love our local screen printer, but for larger jobs (ex : sweatpants type variety), we are always looking for local contacts who can provide us with a cost efficient alternative.

Tailgate and tent providers:  For the tournaments where this applies, we would love to encourage as many sources of food and shade we can. Many thanks deserved for those who have already stepped up in this capacity.

Fields:  It is always a priority and a struggle to find fields. We would love to vary our practice location, but limited and costly field concerns have necessitated that we play on our favorite rugby fields.

Fans:  The best service any Nor’easter Lacrosse parent can provide is themselves! It’s free, it’s fun, and we love to have you!