You have questions, we have answers!

Seasons are:

  • High School - Full Year - minus your high school season (March - June)
  • Middle School - Full Year - minus your middle school season (March - June)
  • 4th - 6th - Fall / Summer Membership OR Summer Membership Only

In essence, our girls play a light season fall and winter, two practices a month, and there are optional tournaments for them. Then they break for their High School / Middle School season and come back in June when we practice 2x a week until August. A HS player will play in the top three tournaments in the country, as far as competition goes and recruiting opportunities. MS players will play in competitive, but also fun tournaments where we feel they will be exposed to the sport in a way that will allow them to learn, compete and enjoy lacrosse.

No, the full payment is not due at once. A deposit is due at sign up and the rest throughout the first half of the year (typically the deadline is December 1). We also offer a multi-sibling discount of $100 off for a second child.


  • One special gift yearly (backpack, long sleeve, jacket, etc.).
  • Supplemental apparel (does not include uniform cost).
  • Special Nor’easter Lacrosse equipment deals.
  • Entrance into select tournaments and play days.
  • Scrimmage days against local and regional clubs.
  • Guest Coaches (World Cup, Developmental Team, All-Americans, College Coaches) Clinics and appearances throughout the year.
  • Strength and conditioning sessions.
  • Yearly banquet / BBQ.


Tournament Fees: Tournament feels are extra, per usual for these events, to cover fee for coaches and entry fees. Additionally, you are responsible for all travel and hotel fees. Mandatory Tournament fees may be estimated between $175.00 - $200.00 per event. One day Optional Tournament fees are less.

New since 2014: Uniforms will be ordered directly by each family. This will allow for multiple uniforms to be purchased for easier laundry duty.

Please do not let that stop you from joining Nor’easter Lacrosse. We will work with your schedule, especially in the fall, and come up with an alternative date for you to join us. However, the membership rate will remain the same for the current season no matter when you join. Refunds are not available at ANY time as we pre-pay all tournament fees and coaching fees based on your daughter’s attendance.

Yes, absolutely! The Nor’easter Lacrosse coaching staff believes that some of the best lacrosse players are well-rounded, multi-sport athletes. There are mandatory tournaments, and practices in the fall but we are more than willing to work around someone who is fulfilling their other sport commitment. Of course that being said we are an elite club team and our athletes will dedicate themselves to becoming better lacrosse players through hard work and practice. We certainly understand that attendance at all events is hardly realistic and not expected, but would like each player who commits to Nor’easter Lacrosse, to remember practice makes perfect.

Registration for tournaments starts in the fall / winter of each season, and continues through the spring. We will have a better idea of which tournaments will be mandatory, depending on what we are accepted into, however a list of what we intend to be mandatory is listed in your membership sign-up. Please refer to the team events and events schedule for those tournaments we are anticipating to be mandatory.

You are expected to attend all mandatory tournaments. Events are paid for by Nor’easter 6 months in advance with every member accounted for, therefore we adhere to a strict no refund policy.

Individual cases of extreme sudden illness will be dealt with on an individual basis, and the proper action will be determined by the directors in rare cases.

Yes. You have to pay a tournament entry fee ($175.00 - $200.00 for Mandatory Tournaments and less for One Day Optional Tournaments), which includes administrative fees and coaching fees, for each tournament / event. Additionally, travel and hotels are the responsibility of each member attending the tournament. However, Nor’easter Lacrosse will suggest area hotels for all mandatory tournaments and block off rooms at a group rate. New since 2014, uniforms will be ordered directly by each family.

No, you can choose the events you want to attend unless stated that it is mandatory. Believe me once you become a part of Nor’easter you will never want to miss! It’s going to be a blast! For you high school players, remember, the more tournaments you attend, the more chemistry you will have with your teammates, and the better you will perform for the college coaches Remember, the middle school membership limits the number of tournaments you can participate in to three, and each high school member must attend at least three tournaments.

Because of IWLCA (coaching body) Rules, high school tournaments are limited to single graduation years (i.e. : no 2016 may join a 2015 team). There are a few non-IWLCA sanctioned tournaments that we can mix ages but we set our teams based on graduation year.

YES - you can play! First and foremost, the most important rule is that your permanent residence must be within 50 miles of New Haven for our staff to be able to coach you as per NCAA rules. If you are unsure if you are within this distance please contact us. Once you satisfy that requirement, we are confident that you will be able to attend all of our practices and if you have any specific questions, please contact us. Laura Field went to the Taft School, so don’t hold that against her!

For the senior class we will offer a shortened membership from September through February for information and pricing contact us at

Nor’easter Lacrosse is committed to providing each player with the things necessary to compete. However, we will also have some extra custom gear for the parents and players to buy and enjoy throughout the year. Ask us if you have specific lacrosse gear needs and we are always willing to help find deals and discounts. In addition, the mandatory summer tournaments have stellar vendors!