We expect all players who are invited to be members after tryouts to make a full, 100% commitment to our schedule. We do not practice a lot during the academic year, so we make it very possible to participate, and we encourage girls to play multiple sports and engage in a variety of extra-curricular activities both fall and winter. We understand you cannot make every single practice, but we do expect communication when you cannot make a practice and, come summer, we expect girls to be at all practices as they develop as a team toward their greatness. The summer is where the bulk of our learning, practice time, and commitment takes place. If attendance is not upheld, especially during June and July, and not communicated with the coach ahead of time, playing time may be jeopardized.   

Once you sign up as a member, you are taking a roster spot for a team. You must pay for the full membership regardless of continued participation. We have a very strict policy regarding the cost being paid on time. If you need a payment plan, we will work with you to provide that. You may contact to work out the specifics of payment plans.


  • High school members: practice September - January (twice a month: Sundays).  Summer season includes practice twice a week (usually Tuesday / Wednesday evenings and some early weekends). 
  • Middle school members: have two options: fall (September - November) and summer (June - July) OR just the summer (June-July) expectations.
  • Mandatory tournaments are just that. You are expected to participate and attend either the two or three mandatory tournaments for your age. They are listed your membership confirmation sheet and via our team events page. Dates are anticipated to be accurate.

Parent Expectations:

  • We have a strict policy that parents are there to be supportive and enthusiastic on the sidelines in the most positive way.  
  • Parents are as much a representation of our club as their daughters and, as such, we expect a respectful, supportive and positive sideline. Lead by example!
  • We encourage parental participation for tailgates, team dinners, and car pools.  
  • We do not need parent coaching. We provide and hire some of the very best coaches from college, high school and beyond to work with your daughters.  

Player Expectations:

  • Attend practices.
  • Communicate with coaches when you cannot attend a practice.
  • Work hard outside of practices on specific skills that your coaches are teaching you and courage you to improve.
  • Ask questions to improve. Talk with your coaches individually before, during or after practice to get evaluations.
  • Hard work, willingness to try new positions, and do what is best for your team! 
  • Positive attitude. Be outgoing, inclusive, and meet new girls from all over the state! This is a great place to make some life long friends.